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Roadwork, industrial and civil construction, construction of railway or airport infrastructure or Oil&Gas pipelines, landscaping, repair, reconstruction and demolition of buildings and structures - here is just a partial list of our professional interests.

To provide lighting and electricity supply to the construction site, warm-up or compacting the soil, to concrete work, cutting stones, concrete, rebar, move loads on a site. That ever you are going to do, you will face to choose reliable heavy duty equipment that will not let you down.

We'll help you to make the right choice. "Specprofsnab" is a team of professionals  have been working at the intersection of construction and technologies at least 15 years. We adhere to simple but important principles:

  • Customer's priorities are our priorities
  • Enthusiasm and competence are bed-rock of success
  • We follow to global leaders who create advanced technologies
  • We respect for human and environment
  • We cherish our reputation and confidence of our customers

We do supply and maintenance:

  • Power plants, compressors, hydraulic stations, mobile towerlights, and groudheaters;
  • Generating sets for providing construction sites with light, heat and energy;
  • Compact construction machines to do the job efficiently with celerity;
  • Small-scale mechanization for construction and industry.

Uninterruptable supply of spare parts and consumables is in the focus of our attention.

«Specprofsnab» means the equipment and technology that dedicated to solve complex production tasks, improve productivity and reduce the time of construction work for investors and customers.

Hope we'll become friends! 

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